How to Root Your Droid Eris

Apr 7th, 2010Comments Off on How to Root Your Droid Eris

If you cannot wait any longer for the official 2.1 release, I found a step by step guide on how to root your Eris and install the leaked ROM. They claim that this ROM version has been cleaned up to correct all of the bugs they found, as well as a potential oversight that the original ROM may have had an expiration date (unconfirmed) – so if you’ve already rooted your phone, you may want to check this out.

You will want to do this process ASAP!! After the original root rom was released, it was discovered it MIGHT have an expiration date. It’s unknown if this is 100% accurate, or what will happen if it does expire. Once the ROM expires though if you haven’t installed it already and upgraded to our new rom, you may not be able to get root at all until we find a new exploit in 2.1, so GET IN ON ROOT WHILE YOU CAN!! Don’t worry though, once you get our new ROM installed, you’ll be fine and won’t be affected if it does expire. If you fail to upgrade to our new root rom and it expires on you, your phone won’t be bricked though don’t worry, but you may lose your root opportunity.

You will need to download the Android SDK (available here) and install the latest version of Java (available here).

This how to guide is pretty straight forward, and they even broke out some of the code needed for the SDK steps separately (for those of you who are not comfortable with code).  You can read the full how to guide and download their ROM from the link below.

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